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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 14, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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heard a loud bang like someone popped something. >> a new high school student who stepped in tragic situation. >> over a hundred residents suffered intense heat in florida nursing home. >> good-bye to character actor. >> and hello for another record to the cleveland indians. early today starts right now. good morning everybody. >> recovery efforts are under way in the caribbean where hurricane irma left a mas
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the island of st. martin was particularly hard hit. animal loves are going door to door to rescue the pets. in the florida keys thousands of home where's destroyed. national guard is on the ground helping out, clearing debris and bringing food, water and other supplies to storm victims, one soldier says many residents are still struggling to contact their loved ones. >> they captain get in contact with their families. some of them have handed soldiers contact information to try to pass that information on. it's a devastation out here. >> president trump will travel to naples, florida, later this morning to check in on the state's recovery. the governor expressed appreciation for support and local efforts. >> people are hurting we got to get this done. our expectation everybody does their job. >> plenty of residents are
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including sister anne margaret. she explained to msnbc why she was out wielding a chain saw. >> we just needed to get the trees out of the way so car costs pass by safely. it was a dangerous situation. i just wanted to help out the neighbors and clear the roadway for everybody. >> now details on the continuing human toll from hurricane irma. >> dara, authorities say firefighters responded to this particular nursing home 127 times in the past year alone. one fire official calling that excessive. >> they were the most vulnerable. >> i'm dealing with well over 100 people being evacuated from a nursing facility. >> 150 patients evacuated in wheelchairs and stretchers from a sweltering nursing home in hollywood florida.
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police now opening a criminal investigation after at least eight others died. >> it is a sad 125i9 of affairs. >> it's it is a sad state of affairs. we all have elderly people in those facilities and depend on them to karp for our most vulnerable population. >> frantic relatives try to find answers. >> my wife they couldn't find her mom. >> it call comes in the aftermath of hurricane irma which has been deadly. in orlando three died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator and 20 injured in napeles, knocked out power to 15 million in florida, at least part of the rehab center in hollywood hills did have power and the govern's office said the facility told state officials it had power and access to fans. >> we are concerned. we need to find out what happened to her. >> many are questioning with they weren't evacuated
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3:00 a.m. the heat index was 87 degrees. >> why didn't they transfer people yesterday. >> the victims range from 71 to 99, the oldest albertina vega. she considered her her second mother wants to know how the nursing home allowed this to happen. >> i love her like my mom. >> dozens in north miami beach have been evacuated as a precushion. >> here in hollywood the administration of this nursing home is cooperating with authorities and blames hurricane irma for knocking out a transformer that affected ac system but why did they wait so long to evacuate these residents with another hospital literally just down the street. >> dave gutierrez thank you for that report. this morning getting word of soefr overnight discussions on crucial issue. id
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dinner with nancy pellosi and schumer. to did agree to enshrine the protections of daca, the deferred action program for dreamers into law quickly and to work out a package of border security excluding the wall that is acceptable to both sides. late night reaction began pouring in from across the political respect run. political spectrum. important to note who was not there. >> exactly no big republican leaders at the table. white house poll statement if came out afterwards said they talked about everything from trade to tax reform but deal on daca, immigration border security and even health care that is really making headlines. interesting reaction from republicans. jeff flake saying kudos to ec
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from steve king wondering what this does for the trump base, says it is blown up, destroyed, and no promise is credible. even the conservative briebart front page showing amnesty don caving on daca this morning. now sarah huckabee sanders the president's spokes woman says the president absolutely did not give up on the wall. saying excluding the wall was not part of what they agreed to but apparently is not in this deal. speaking of deals the chief deal maker himself talked earlier about the fact he's working closely with democratic. listen. >> well i'm a conservative. and i will tell you, i'm not skeptical. and i think if we can do things in a bipartisan matter that will be great. now it might not work out. in which case we'll try to do it without. i think if we can do in bipartisan manner if you look at some of the g
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bipartisan manner. >> next up, tax reform with republican leaders saying they are willing to work with democratic on that. >> we'll see where they meet there. tracy pots for us thank you. the president still isn't siding with democratic entirely. check out late night tweets. slamming his campaign rival. -- the deplorables came back to haunt hillary expressing their feelings loud and clear. she spent big money but in the gain no gain her latest book will detail her stunning election loss. another deadly shooting, 31st this year by some accounts, this time in washington state. several vigils held for the victims near freeman high school near spokane where one student
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the suspect arrested and taken to juvenile detention center. police have not identified the shooter nor the victims. >> the school day was just getting started when the sound of gunshots filled the air. >> i fiheard a loud bang. >> the thing that kept going through my head was run, just go. >> students quickly took cover as news of the shooting spread across washington. >> the sheriff says an armed student showed up at school his first weapon jammed. >> he went to his next weapon. a student walked up to him, engaged him, and that student was shot. >> authorities say four students were shot this girl's cousin hit in the side. >> we don't know if it is lodged in her spine or colon we don't know yet. >> one student died three more were wounded. >> they are stable at this point one will require surgery. >> s
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teens. >> before the gunman was arrested he was stopped by pay courageous school staff member, authorities have not named alleged shooter but a friend tells reporters he was watching documentaries about school shootings. it was an emotional day that played out in realtime in live television. >> even though you know your kid is okay you still know they went through something and that their friends might not be okay. >> before long student and parents were reunited. relief for hundreds of families after gunfire for through after gunfire for through tore th another american school. joe friar nbc news. >> now a look at the weather. >> have umbrella handy in the afternoon hours.
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going to be hit and miss. steady rain across western new york and across new york state and new jersey and massachusetts. that's 6:00 p.m. 8:00 drys up. rain fall amounts nothing dramatic, maybe a few spots could hit an inch or so. that's about it. that's a look at the weather. here's a closer look at your day ahead. middle of the country still hot feeling like summer. omaha in the 90s. humid in the ohio valley and northeast. will kick off few showers and storms this afternoon. talking about hot today 97 in dallas and san antonio. no signs of fall yet. >> no. thank you so much. one of hollywood's great tough guys have died frank vincent who made dozens of tv
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on "good fellas" and "sopranos" was 78 years old. >> still ahead sean spicer hits late night. you got to see that. what's up with this burger king, two babies born in the same burger king parking lot just hours apart. early today is coming right back. golfer. to me he's, well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad, it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness.
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more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. >> i heard you laughing very hard. >> i needed a lot of therapy. >> you thought it was funny. >> was find of funny. >> you liked it. did the president think it was funny. >> i don't think he found it humorous. >> was he annoyed by the fact a woman was playing you. >> i really didn't ask a ton of questions. >> when it comes to comedy i'm bummed those
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federal judge sends martin shkreli to jail for facebook post offering $5,000 bounty for a lock of hillary clinton's hair. his attorneys argue it was political satire but prosecutors cited is violence against women saying it could pose a real threat to clinton who is embarcaderoing on a book tour. now two babies born on back-to-back days in the same new jersey burger king parking lot. first set were on route to the hospital when heavy traffic forced them to quickly pull into the parking lot and ten minutes later this whoper jr. born and next night same
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>> i tell them listen it's not a joke we're going again. >> and little braden entered the world. both babies and moms are doing just fine. think i they should play the lottery after that. >> they should or they should go out and get a whopper. >> just ahead we show you how to protect yourself against identity fraud. and how thisle banner at fenway got four fans you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. thrown out. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. fromto the wobbling yogis.kers
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congress is now stepping in following massive data breach of credit reporting company equifax, formally requested rick smith to testify before congress next month. he is facing criticism after sensitive information from half of americans was hacked. now states taking legal action. >> this morning more trouble from equifax with seven state attorneys general launching vese investigations or suing over its massive damage breach. >> this company needs to foot the bill to ensure we're not paying for their failures. >> rick smith hasn't responded to nbc for comment but writes we are devoting extraordinary
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of incident doesn't happen again. every adult should assume their personal data is now in the hands of criminals says veteran cyber krurt. >> you got to freeze your credit. >> to freeze your credit go online or call all three agencies. equifax, trans union and experion. all three agencies appeared overwhelmed with heavy traffic and phone calls. >> thank you for calling equifax global business services. >> like millions of americans she's unable to get through to equifax. >> it's different when the company hacked is the company supposed to be protecting you and to feel like they're not taking steps to correct
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frustrating. >> you may wonder if you could change your social security number. yes. but ohm in certain circumstances and your old number may be linked to your new one. all the more reason to freeze your credit report now. >> thank you. you can find more information on how you can protect yourself by visiting early today facebook page. fans enjoy boozy shakes may be in your future. we'll tell you where. you're watching early today. ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants... skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k. for 100 years, heritage and innovation have made gillette the #1 shave in america.
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we all know "will and grace" is coming back. so excited to be about that. here's smbl double to be excited about. shake shack is offering two new shakes the "will and grace" and a boozy version of the shake in honor of jack and karen. straw berry custard and second blend with rainbow sprinkles and will start monday in new york city hollywood stores for each one sold will donate $2 to lbgtq group glad. how about that. >> i want to know what time they open. we need to get one of those. >> i like had even better. >> here's one love fried chicken may want to add japan to bucket list where new guinness record for most fried chicken
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one time working eight hours straight to beat the record of 100 pounds of chicken did just that in the end that single serving came in at 3,373 pounds. visitors got a discount at less than half price. >> that's like a truck load of fried chicken. >> with the money they save can get some waffles. so it's official the olympics are coming back to america. los angeles will host the 2028 summer games first time since 1996 they will be held in the u.s. and first time l.a. will host them and first since 1984 and paris was officially awarded 2024 summer olympic games. >> that's exciting. >> it is everybody involved. >> after 13 year trip through the universe castini space craft will go out in a blazer of glory. up next.
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next on "news4 today," her body has been found and we're following. the boyfriend of a pregnant teacher. what sparked interest in her accused killer. let's make a deal. what president trump and democrats agreed to do last night when it comes to daca. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what's left of irma is
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hope your morning is off to a great start. i'm chris lawrence. we're getting you early risers ready as you head out the door this morning. a look at
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just a minute. but first let's check in with chuck bell. you may need the umbrella today. >> no mays about it. you will need it and for most of the day. what was irma is going to be passing overhead during the course of the day. plenty of raindrops on radar this morning. what was irma now moving into parts of northern west virginia. look at all the shower chances now moving right into the d.c. metro area. there's more where that came from. temperatures are on the mild side. it feels like the tropical air mass for sure. we'll be up near 80 today. but have that you will brel a ready to go. what about the weekend? since it's thursday, we'll share that with you coming up. now to a developing story in maryland. a major break in the case of a missing pregnant teacher. police found her body and now have her boyfriend in custody. this is the same man who stood alongside laura wallen's parents pleading for the


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